Many people [Especially those without a background in computer science] feel that the hardest part about starting their journey in Data Science is the coding. While it is true that you need to be reasonably good at programming, Data Science is more than the lines of code that you will learn. In fact, a bulk of Data Science is exploring, analyzing and drawing inferences from large volumes of data using mathematics. With this in mind, I’m proud to launch LinearData. Here we emphasize on providing simple guides that have in-built code written into them so that users can get their hands into data straight away. The best part? It’s absolutely free. LinearData will also aim at providing users with industry relevant news and updates on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Who are the people giving you this information?

Kevin Jolly 


Kevin is the Founder of LinearData. He’s a graduate student at the King’s College London pursuing his masters in Data Science so you can be sure that the information that he gives you is pretty legit. On the side note, he loves to travel and game! 1 v 1 on Overwatch anyone?